Vance Tsingtao Pearl Hill Visitor Center

Asia’s largest passive architecture project

Architect: Ludwig Rongen

This building is shaped like the top of the Laoshan stone, has a special streamline and rhythm sense; as solidified music exudes a charming rhythm and rhythm, attracting people’s attention. However, what’s attracting more people’s eyes is more than building streams. In this shape like a boulder house, no air conditioning and heating, regardless of outdoor snowflakes or hot sun in the sky, the indoor temperature can be maintained at about 20 degrees Celsius.

an overview of the building
An overview of the building
site aerial
Site aerial

Qingdao Siemens Innovation Center, once known as the Sino-German ecological park passive room technology experience center; as a passive building demonstration project in Qingdao, by the Sino-German ecological park and Germany Rongen architectural firm, the German passive room research institute and the Chinese architectural science Research Institute co-construction, is currently Asia’s largest passive room project. Four quarters of constant temperature maintenance, mainly through the housing insulation layer and sealing layers to achieve, passive room insulation layer with rock wool material, the thickness of 25 cm, more than ordinary building insulation layer thicker more than twice.

The building is located in the Sino-German ecological park
The building is located in the Sino-German ecological park.
night view
Night view

Construction of the project in accordance with the German PHI passive room standards, the use of energy-saving technologies include: efficient external insulation technology, intelligent building control technology, no power cold beam, floor radiant heating system, roof solar photovoltaic power generation system, Unit, ground source heat pump system. Passive housing can save an annual energy consumption of 1.3 million kwh, saving operating costs about 500,000 yuan, reducing carbon dioxide emissions 664 tons, compared with the current national energy-saving design standards more than 90% energy saving. Architect, the German passive room design master Professor Rongen said: Sino-German eco-park passive room is the first Qingdao, in fact, passive room design has been 25 years of history, energy saving effect, high comfort.

the floor radiant heating system is used inside the building
The floor radiant heating system is used inside the building.
the thermal comfort is achieved by insulations and sealing layers

The thermal comfort is achieved by insulations and sealing layers.
internal view
Internal view


Project Name: Vance Tsingtao Pearl Hill Visitor Center
Architect: Ludwig Rongen
Project Time: 2016
Project area: 13768.6 square meters
Project venue: China, Qingdao
Project Location: Qingdao Huangdao District Sino – German Ecological Park C2 group northwest corner
Google Map:,120.1184017,325m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=zh-CN
Architectural photography:Qingdao Zhiyi-jianzhu New Media Studio(
Photographer: He Lian